Instructor Led Training 36 Hours
Exercises & Project Work 30 Hours
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SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products. SAP HANA is an on-premise application that collects real-time information. Eduranz’s SAP HANA online training is going to help you master concepts of SAP HANA, SAP HANA Studio, modeling, real-time analytics, and more. That is not it, we will also cover up the concepts of Advanced SAP Hana.

Course Syllabus

Section 1: Introduction
Introduction to Software Training FREE 00:40:00
Object Oriented Design Patterns 00:35:00
Software Testing 00:30:00
Section 2: Advanced Computing
Introduction to Azure Data factory FREE 00:25:00
Algorithm analysis 00:45:00
Multi Threading in Softwares 00:40:00
Managing Software Testing 00:20:00
The Software Quiz 00:04:00

About Course

In this 36 hour of SAP HANA certification course, you will acquire end to end knowledge about implementing SAP HANA solutions and best practices for SAP HANA modeling, SAP Advanced in Native Development. This course also highlights SAP HANA Studio, provisioning, security, real-time analytics and more

  • Implementing SAP HANA Solution
  • SAP HANA Studio
  • Architecture, Landscape, and Sizing
  • Data Modeling in SAP HANA
  • Data Provisioning in SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Cloud
  • Advanced concepts in SAP HANA like SAP Native Development with XS-XSA and a lot more 

It is best suited for aspirants from the following backgrounds:

  • • Developers
  • • Architects
  • • Functional Team Members 
  • • Students

  • • No pre-requisites as such
  • • Basic knowledge of SQL will be beneficial

SAP HANA has proven to be one of the most eloping companies to provide solutions for solving data, reporting, latency challenges with a real time platform.  SAP HANA’s selling point is speed; in addition, it is offered as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) through AWS and other cloud service providers. SAP HANA is going to boom in future because, very recently SAP and IBM coming together to offer a new home for big databases in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (Source CIO India). So, without a doubt this is the right to get started with SAP HANA

The average salary of SAP Consultants in India is ₹ 9,19,132 per year and in the US, it ranges from $101,000 to $140,000 per annum.

Upon completion of the training program along with mini projects, hands-on activities, and assignments, you will be working on the industry-oriented capstone project. After you successfully complete the capstone project, you will be awarded with an industry-recognized certificate by Eduranz.

SAP Consultant is generally responsible for:

  • • Planning, designing, implementing, as well as advancing SAP solutions
  • • Taking part in decision making for various fields such as security, installation, performance etc.
  • • Collaborate work with both business and technical team members of the organization

Companies hiring SAP Consultants are:

  • • Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited
  • • Infosys
  • • Kimberly-Clark
  • • Steinn Labs Pvt Ltd and more (Source: Indeed)


  • Introduction to In-Memory Computing
    • Fundamentals of SAP HANA
    • What SAP HANA Can do
    • What SAP HANA Can’t do
    • High-Performance functionalities in SAP HANA
      • In-Memory computing
    • Columnar store database
    • Massive Parallel Processing
    • Data Compression
  • SAP HANA for Non-SAP Use Cases
    • SAP HANA for Non – SAP Analytics
    • SAP HANA for Non-SAP Applications
    • SAP HANA Database Architecture

  • Basics of In-memory computing
    • Introduction to SAP HANA
    • Why SAP HANA?
    • SAP HANA Vs. BWA
    • SAP HANA use cases
    • Add SAP HANA System
  • Understanding the Perspectives
    • Intro to Administration
    • Understanding Modelling
    • Development
    • Plan Viz
  • Understanding Folders
    • Catalog
    • Content
    • Provisioning
    • Security
  • SAP HANA Database SQL Script
    • JOINS
    • Expressions
    • Loops
    • Sub-queries
  • Understanding CATALOG
  • Working with SDA [Smart Data Access]
    • Understanding SECURITY
      • USERS
      • ROLES

  • Introduction to SAP HANA Modelling
  • Types of Models
    • Attribute Views
    • Joins
    • Using Filter Operations
    • Creating Restricted & Calculated Columns
    • Using Hierarchies
  • Analytic Views
    • Star Schema design
    • Multi-Dimensional modelling
  • Using Variables
    • Using Input parameters
    • Advantages & Limitations of using Variables

• Introduction to SAP HANA modeling and advantages and limitations.

  • Dimension Calculation View
  • Star Join Calculation view
  • OLTP Calculation view
    • Using Projection
    • Using Join
    • Using Aggregation
    • Using Union
    • Using Rank
  • Calculation Views (Scripted)
    • Basic Rules for Scripted CV
    • Creating Content Procedure
    • Consume content procedure in Scripted CV

  • Classical Analytic Privileges
  • SQL Analytic Privileges
  • Dynamic analytic Privileges
  • Turning Business Rules into Decision tables

  • Union Pruning
  • Refactoring information models
  • Schema Mapping
  • Propagate to schematics
  • Show Lineage
  • Find Where used
  • Schema Mapping

  • Using Time Travel
  • Migrating deprecated Information models
  • Using Currency Conversion
  • Web based Modelling development Work bench
  • Advanced HANA SQL script
    • Temporary tables
    • Triggers

  • Overview of Full text Search
  • Datatypes & full text Indexes
  • Using Full text search

Application Life Cycle Management (Independent Topic)

  • Transport Using Developer mode
  • Transport Using Delivery Unit mode
  • Change management

Analyzing Query Performance with (Independent Topic)

    • Explain Plan
    • Visualize plan
    • Performance trace

  • Data provisioning using SLT
    • Data Acquisition with BODS
    • Data Provisioning with Flat File upload

  • Data Provisioning using SDA-SDI [Smart Data Integration]
  • User Management – Security and Authorizations
  • Introduction to Lumira

  • • SAP HANA Dynamic tiring
  • • Delta Merge
  • Partitioning of tables

  • SAP HANA XS & XSA architecture
  • Introduction to HANA as Service on Cloud
  • SAP HANA cloud account set up
  • Introduction to WebIDE
  • HANA CDS Views


  • Project: In order to increase the organization’s revenue, build SAP HANA data models using the organization’s large datasets
  • Problem Statement: You work as an SAP HANA Consultant for a big tech company. They want to get meaningful business insights from the data in order to gain competitive advantages. The tech company has sub branches in different countries, they have multiple products for which sales are done. So, as an SAP HANA Consultant, you need to build HANA data model, by maintaining Referential Integrity with tables, for smarter business decision-making, in order to help
    • Increase its revenue
    • Reduce cost
    • Reduce Risk

    Industry: IT


    • Converting excel files to schema or tables
    • SAP Lumira dashboard and storyboard


Sanjeev yerunkar

Marketing Manager - wex tech

Very good training and support

It was very good training and support from Eduranz. Mr. Santosh was great tutor for SAP Hana who was experienced and was not a person only following slides but given more industry level examples.

Hossam Al-kurdi

AV Pre-Sales and Design Manager


I had joined a weekend batch to learn SAP Hana training during Nov – Dec. My experience regarding the course content, trainer and the support provided by Eduranz was Excellent!. Looking forward to joining another course soon.

Ljiljana Spasovic Botha

Business Development Officer - SASLO

Great courses

Had a great learning session where the concepts are clear to understand and can solve the given assignments easily.

Lakhi Baug

VP - Gemalto

Awesome for building professional competence

Awesome platform to learn new skills which could be new languages or IT skills or marketing. There are hundreds of courses waiting for discovery by you.

I like Eduranz because it gives me a chance to get a certificate after completing a course. Then I can share it on social media and for example, apply for a better job. It helps a bit. Eduranz is awesome for building professional competence in the job market nowadays.

Mohammad Shahanawaz

Oracle DBA Officer

Good experience to learn from Eduranz

It is a very good experience to learn from Eduranz!. Faculty seems excellent in sharing real-world experiences.I do not feel even for a single moment that I am learning from any tutor, it is like face to face gathering with an experienced person sharing its curriculum knowledge.



Personal Mentor

At the time of enrollment team Eduranz will assign one mentor for you and he will be guiding you in this lifetime Journey.

24/7 Tech Adviser Support

Lifetime 24/7 Technical and Non Technical Support from team Eduranz.

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Get Lifetime opportunity to access and attend the live sessions multiple times.

Assignments & Quizzes

Every module will be followed by certification based assessment and quiz.


Become a Certified Professional.

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Team Eduranz will update your Resume before forwarding it to our 60+ global Clients.


Eduranz offers a unique online training course for professionals who are willing to expand their knowledge
as well as skills to kick-start their careers in this rousing domain. There are many reasons to choose
• Interactive online instructor-led live classes conducted by SMEs
• Personal mentors who will keep a staging track of your progress in the course
• A Substantial LMS which allows the users to view their recorded sessions from their live classes
along with the self-recorded courses
• Real-time exercises, assignments, industry-based use cases and real-world projects
• 24/7 learning support by the Eduranz’s dedicated tech support team
• Large community of learners from across the globe

• Industrially as well as globally recognized certificate by Eduranz
• Personalized job support, resume and interview preparation

You never miss any lecture at Eduranz, because you will be provided with the recorded sessions of the live class on your LMS within 24 hours and despite that, you can also attend any different live session to cover up the missed topic and ask your doubts from the trainer or you can simply re-schedule your batch and get yourself a new batch assigned..

Live Virtual Classes or Online Classes: With online class training, you can access courses via video conferencing from your desktop to increase productivity and reduce work time and personal time.

Eduranz offers a 24/7 request solution and you can pick up your tickets at any time from our dedicated support team. You can use email support for all your questions. If your request is not answered via email, we can also arrange one-on-one discussions with the faculty. You will be glad to know that you can switch to Eduranz support after completing training. We also don’t limit the number of tickets you can collect when solving questions and doubts.

Yes, Eduranz has a dedicated placement assistance team. Our job assistance program will help you reach
the job you have been seeking. Under this program, we help you by building your professional resume
and then sharing it across our network companies that we have tie ups with.

Eduranz offers the most up-to-date, relevant and valuable projects in the real world as part of the
training program. In this way, you can integrate what you have learned in the real industry. Each training
is delivered with various projects where you can thoroughly test your skills, learning and practical
knowledge so that you are well prepared for the industry. They work on very interesting projects in the
fields of high technology, e-commerce, marketing, sales, networking, banking, insurance and more. After
successfully completing your project, your skills will be counted as a result of six months intensive
industry experience.

After completing the Eduranz Training Program along with all real projects, tests and assignments and
achieving at least 60% points in the qualification exam; you will receive an industrial recognized
certificate by Eduranz. This certification is recognized by companies all across the industry, which
includes a lot of top MNCs worldwide.

Our job assistance program will help you reach the job you have been seeking. Under this program, we
help you by building your professional resume and then sharing it across our network companies that
we have tie ups with. You will also be prepared for interviews through mock sessions. However, Eduranz
is not a recruitment agency. We do not guarantee you a job. After we share your profiles with the
companies, the further process depends upon your performance and their decision.

All of our highly qualified instructors are industry experts with minimum 10-12 yrs. of relevant IT
experience. Each of them underwent a rigorous selection process that included screening profiles,
teaching assessments, and training demonstrations.

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