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Microsoft Azure Administrators certification training by Eduranz is designed and structured by industry experts, based on Microsoft’s AZ-104 exam outline. This Azure Administrator Associate course prepares you for the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate exam. This Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate training program will help you acquire skills in Azure administration by guiding you through various aspects of cloud architecture, its layers and components, Azure subscriptions and resources, virtual network connectivity, Windows PowerShell, cloud infrastructure deployment, security, and many more.

Course Syllabus

Section 1: Introduction
Introduction to Startups Details FREE 00:30:00
Introduction to entrepreneurial management Details 00:20:00
Section 2: The Ecosystem
Different types of entrepreneurship Details 00:30:00
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Legal Fundamentals Details 01:00:00
Section 3: Marketing Startups
Value proposition Details 00:40:00
Product development Details 00:25:00
Course Quiz 00:07:00

About Course

Cloud computing has become the foundation upon which enterprises are transforming their businesses by gaining new insights from their data to drive innovation as well as a competitive advantage. Microsoft Azure is one of the top players when it comes to Cloud Computing Market and is growing at an unprecedented pace. Therefore, there is an urgent need for certified Azure administration professionals.

Microsoft Azure Certification training by Eduranz gives you hands-on experience with Azure services, storage, servers, and all other important concepts to help learners prepare for the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) certification exam.

• Introduction to the world of Cloud Computing and Azure
• How Azure is one of a market leader in the Cloud
• Best Way to Manage Azure Subscription and access control
• Deploying and managing Azure Resources
• Designing and Deploying Azure Infrastructure in an efficient way
• Building, Configuring and Running the Azure Virtual Machines compatible with your requirements
• Manage your Storage Accounts with AD Authentication
• Manage your data in Azure Storage with Azure Job and storage explorer
• Best Practices for Creating and Configuring Containers with AKS and ACI
• Best practices for Integrating, securing, and managing identities
• Best practices for Configuring and implementing Virtual Networks
• Implementing Azure Site Recovery
• Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication

 It is best suited for aspirants from the following backgrounds:
• Solutions Architects
• A project manager who wants to migrate and deploy their existing infrastructure on Azure
• Professionals with and IT Infrastructure and with experience in virtualization
• Professionals having an understanding of applications and servers
• Professionals with a background of System Administration, Network Administration and even QA Engineers.

• Just a basic knowledge of any programming language will be beneficial
• Also, having knowledge in Networking and Operating System would come in handy for you, but it won’t be necessary, we will teach you during the session

Today, cloud computing is no longer an optional factor but a critical one for the success of any bigger or even smaller-scale enterprises on earth. Therefore, getting Azure training and certification means that you can open up doors to unlimited job chances that are offering highly competitive salaries.
According to Gartner, Azure is a number market leader in the Cloud Computing Domain
According to Canalys, as of February 2020, Azure is holding 17.6% of the total market shares, leaving behind GCP, Rackspace, Salesforce and other cloud services
More market shares mean a greater number of job opportunities
According to Indeed, an Azure Administrator can earn up to US $100,000/annuum

In the United States, the average salary for an Azure Administrator Certification is US$ 120,000/annuum.
The average salary of Azure Architect India is ₹10 lacs/annuum.How is Eduranz Azure Administration Certification awarded?
Eduranz follows a rigorous certification process. To become a certified Azure Administrator, you must meet the following criteria:
Online Instructor-led Course
Successful completion of all projects, which will be evaluated by trainers
Scoring minimum 60% in the Azure Administration quiz conducted by EduranzSelf-paced Course
Completing all course videos in our LMS
Scoring minimum 60% in the Azure Administration certification course quiz conducted by Eduranz

An Azure Administrator is generally responsible for:
• Managing the resources in Azure Infrastructure
• Deploying and Configuring Virtual Networks
• Orchestrating Routing Paths, especially in a Hybrid Cloud
• Managing Public and Private IP addresses for your VMs and selected other Azure resources
• Monitor Resources and Log Analytics includes tasks like:
• Use Log Analytics to write a simple query
• Understand the schema of your data
• Filter, sort, and group results
• Apply a time range
• Create charts
• Save and load queries
• Export and share queries
• Some VM-related Administrative Tasks Include:
• Deploying VMs into Virtual Networks
• Configuring VM for Optimum Cost, Performance, and Security
• Backing up VMs and potentially providing Fail-over Recovery
• Implement and Manage Storage tasks include:
• Securing Data against unauthorized access
• Backing Up Data and making it efficient to restore when needed
• Configuring long-term archival storage to maintain corporate compliance
• Implement Security and Protecting Identities, which includes:
• Encrypting data in transit, at rest, and in use
• Protecting Azure Active Directory accounts against compromise
• Reducing the attack surface of all your Azure resources

A few of the many top companies that hire Azure professionals includes Microsoft, ebay, Boeing, BMW, GE Healthcare, Samsung, Adobe, Johnson Controls, Maersk, HP, Polycoms, Telenor, Accenture, Bosch, Cargill, Carlsberg Groups, HCL, Capgemini, Deloitte, Walmart and a lot more.


In this module, you will learn how to secure identities with Azure Active Directory and implement users and groups. This module includes:

  • • Azure Active Directory

• Users and Groups  

In this module, you will learn about managing your subscriptions and accounts, implementing Azure policies, and role-based access control. This module includes:

  • • Subscriptions and Accounts
  • • Azure Policy
  • • Role-based Access Control (RBAC)


In this module, you will learn about the tools an Azure Administrator uses to manage their infrastructure. This includes the Resource Manager, Azure Portal, Cloud Shell, Azure PowerShell, CLI, and Azure Resource Manager Templates. This module includes:

  • • Resource Manager
  • • Azure Portal and Cloud Shell
  • • Azure PowerShell and CLI

• ARM Templates


In this module, you will learn about basic virtual networking concepts like virtual networks and subnetting, IP addressing, network security groups, Azure Firewall, and Azure DNS. This module includes:

  • • Virtual Networks
  • • IP Addressing
  • • Network Security groups
  • • Azure Firewall

• Azure DNS


In this module, you will learn about intersite connectivity features including VNet Peering, VPN Gateway Connections, ExpressRoute and Virtual WAN. This module includes:

  • • VNet Peering
  • • VPN Gateway Connections
  • • ExpressRoute and Virtual WAN


In this module, you will learn about network traffic strategies including network routing, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Application Gateway, and Traffic Manager. This module includes:

  • • Network Routing and Endpoints
  • • Azure Load Balancer
  • • Azure Application Gateway

• Traffic Manager


In this module, you will learn about basic storage features including storage accounts, blob storage, storage security, Azure files and File Sync, and managing storage (tooling). This module includes:

  • • Storage Accounts
  • • Blob Storage
  • • Storage Security
  • • Azure Files and File Sync

• Managing Storage


In this module, you will learn about Azure virtual machines including planning, creating, availability and extensions. This module includes:

  • • Virtual Machine Planning
  • • Creating Virtual Machines
  • • Virtual Machine Availability
  • • Virtual Machine Extensions

In this module, you will learn administer serverless computing features like Azure App Service Plans, Azure App Service, Container Services, and Azure Kubernetes Service.

  • • Azure App Service Plans
  • • Azure App Service
  • • Azure Container Instances

• Azure Kubernetes Service

In this module, you will learn about backing up files and folders, and virtual machine backups. This module includes:

  • • File and Folder Backups
  • • Virtual Machine Backups

• Lab 10 – Implement Data Protection  

In this module, you will learn about monitoring your Azure infrastructure including Azure Monitor, alerting, and log analytics. This module includes:

  • • Azure Monitor
  • • Azure Alerts

• Log Analytics 



Project 1: Secure active directory by adding multi-factor authentication

Problem Statement: As the Azure Administrator of the organization, you have received a task where you need to provide access to some of the services, which are managed by the organization’s active directory. Also, you need to add users in the active directory then give users access. In order to do that first, you need to create users in a custom active directory domain. Then as the requirement says, set up a password authentication method with MFA verification option. 

Industry: IT


  • • Azure active directory
  • • Azure Multi-Factor Authentication


Project 2: Mid-scale website deployment using Azure

Problem Statement: Your start-up is ready to hit the market. Your website is ready. Now it’s time for deployment. With the help of Azure, you need to deploy the website in two different regions where you have more potential customers. You need to control, manage and monitor the traffic geographically. To ease up the processes once the traffic becomes more, you are taking a few calculated measures. Such as enabling path based Routing for your website, enabling communication between the servers, and storing data on the cloud. 

Industry: IT


  • • Blob storage
  • • Application gateway
  • • Traffic manager
  • • Virtual Network Peering


Rajesh Devi

Head of IT Business Management Services - HSBC

Eduranz deserves a 5 star

There is just one word for eduranz and that is Fantastic!! The support team is superb. They help with all types of problems that you are facing. I had opted for Azure course and to tell you the faculties were well experienced and the learning curve was really high. If you are having second thoughts about eduranz, then please keep that aside. Eduranz deserves a 5 star at least from my side.

Chandrashekar Balasubramanian

Chief Business Officer - Futurenet Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd

Amazing content

Let me start off by congratulating the entire Eduranz team for putting together such amazing content for their courses. I am enrolled in their Azure live batches courses and my learning experience has been phenomenal. I tried learning Azure on my own but in every attempt, I hit a dead end. The quality and experience of the instructor are excellent and this reflects in his high-quality post-lecture hands-on projects and assignments. I must also take this opportunity to thank the support staff for prompt doubt solving via Freshdesk. I am a permanent member of Eduranz and will continue to learn from Eduranz.

Gaurav J

Vice President- Global Cloud - Deltek

Thank you Eduranz

I had enrolled for Azure Master’s course. I must say that the support team was very helpful right from counseling time to finish the course. The course was very well structured and easy to understand. A lot of practical oriented concepts with Industry Level Projects. Thank you Eduranz. Looking forward to other courses.

Prashant Gera

Software Development Manager - Amazon USA

Enjoyed the training

I always enjoyed the training classes at eduranz!. The exciting part of the lectures was always the Q&A session at the end of the lecture where I got to hear some practical/real-world tips and directions from the instructor.

Rajeev Kathuria

West Head-Partner Management - Samsung

Good Work eduranz!

The instructor was very good and prompt in responding to questions. Excellent virtual class experience. Good Work eduranz!



Personal Mentor

At the time of enrollment team Eduranz will assign one mentor for you and he will be guiding you in this lifetime Journey.

24/7 Tech Adviser Support

Lifetime 24/7 Technical and Non Technical Support from team Eduranz.

Lifetime Access

Get Lifetime opportunity to access and attend the live sessions multiple times.

Assignments & Quizzes

Every module will be followed by certification based assessment and quiz.


Become a Certified Professional.

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Team Eduranz will update your Resume before forwarding it to our 60+ global Clients.


Eduranz offers unique online Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Training (AZ-104) course for professionals who are willing to expand their knowledge as well as skills in Azure itself, and kick-start their career in this rousing domain. There are many reasons to choose Eduranz:
• Interactive online instructor-led live classes conducted by SMEs
• Personal mentors who will keep a stage track of your progress in Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate course
• A Substantial LMS which allows the users to view their recorded sessions from their live classes along with the self-recorded courses
• Real-time exercises, assignments, industry-based use cases and real-world projects
• 24/7 learning support by the Eduranz’s dedicated tech support team
• Large community of learners from across the globe
• Industrially as well as globally recognized certificate by Eduranz
• Personalized job support, resume and interview preparation

You never miss any lecture at Eduranz, because you will be provided with the recorded sessions of the live class on your LMS within 24 hours and despite that, you can also attend any different live session to cover up the missed topic and ask your doubts from the trainer or you can simply re-schedule your batch and get yourself a new batch assigned.

Live Virtual Classes or Online Classes: With online class training, you can access courses via video conferencing from your desktop to increase productivity and reduce work time and personal time. Independent study online: In this mode, you will receive videos with lectures and can continue the course as you wish.

Eduranz offers a 24/7 request solution and you can pick up your tickets at any time from our dedicated support team. You can use email support for all your questions. If your request is not answered via email, we can also arrange one-on-one discussions with the faculty. You will be glad to know that you can switch to Eduranz support after completing training. We also don’t limit the number of tickets you can collect when solving questions and doubts.

Eduranz actively supports all trainees who have successfully completed the training. That’s why we are involved in more than 80 top MNCs worldwide. This way you can be in exclusive organizations such as Sony, Ericsson, TCS, Mu Sigma, Standard Chartered, Cognizant, Cisco and other similar-sized companies. We also support you during job interviews and preparation of your CV. Is it possible to switch from independent training to teacher-led training? In any case, you can switch from self-directed self-training to online training only by paying an additional amount and participating in the next set of training that will be specifically notified to you.

Our job assistance program will help you reach the job that you have been seeking. In our support program, we help you by sharing your resume with the companies that we have tie ups with, along with helping you in resume building, getting your prepared for the interviews through mock sessions by our industry experts (from various companies like IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, Deloitte etc.), also by providing you with mock interview questions and exhaustive session by Eduranz. However, Eduranz is not a recruitment or job agency, we do not guarantee you a job, we simply direct your resumes to different companies, then after that, entire process is handled by the employer and company and the result is totally based on the employer’s decision.

After completing the Eduranz Training Program along with all real projects, tests and assignments and achieving at least 60% points in the qualification exam; You will receive an industrial recognized certificate by Eduranz. This certification is recognized by Eduranz’s partner organizations, which includes a lot of top MNCs worldwide that are also part of the Fortune 500 list

Our job assistance program will help you reach the job that you have been seeking. In our support program, we help you by sharing your resume with the companies that we have tie ups with, along with helping you in resume building, getting your prepared for the interviews through mock sessions by our industry experts (from various companies like IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, Deloitte etc.), also by providing you with mock interview questions and exhaustive session by Eduranz. However, Eduranz is not a recruitment or job agency, we do not guarantee you a job, we simply direct your resumes to different companies, then after that, entire process is handled by the employer and company and the result is totally based on the employer’s decision.

All the instructors at Eduranz are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 10-12 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are the subject matter experts and are trained by Eduranz itself for providing an awesome learning experience.

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